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Dr. Susanne Ramos Welcomes You!

Dr. Susanne Ramos, MD is an award winning, board certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist.


With over 21 years of experience, Dr. Ramos has been treating the greater Santa Barbara area with care and compassion.


She is proud to provide services that cater to her patients' needs and improve their overall well being. Now offering MonaLisa Touch treatments!

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MonaLisa Touch: fast, simple and safe.


This CO2 laser treatment rejuvenates the vaginal wall quickly and painlessly with a minimally invasive laser treatment.


• Simple, painless laser energy

• In-office, no anesthesia

• No side effects

• No downtime

• Symptom relief after just one treatment

• Thousands of women successfully treated


I wish there were more stars to give Dr. Ramos, but there are only 5. She is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to gynecologists. I suffered from PCOS for five years before coming to Dr. Ramos. I went through so many different treatments and none of them helped and I always felt awful. After three years under Dr. Ramos care and treatment suggestions, I am now feeling consistently wonderful with most of my symptoms under control. I appreciate Dr. Ramos' ability to listen to my concerns and take them into consideration when coming up with a treatment plan. She always takes time to talk to me and make me feel positive about my health. She is amazing.

Our Gynecological Services


Dr. Susanne Ramos and her friendly staff are invested in your overall wellbeing and are proud to offer the following comprehensive women's wellness services and more:


• Annual Physical Examinations

• Contraception and Family Planning

• Prevention and Treatment of STD's

• Infertility Evaluation and Treatment

• Gynecologic Surgery

• Post-Menopausal Hormone Therapy